The Truth About Selling Homes For Top Dollar

By Merribeth Burns

In This Book You'll Learn

Selling Strategies

Selling FSBO can be stressful. This book will give you insider tips employed by top real estate agents to help you get top dollar for your home.

Secrets to Success

There are millions of homeowners who decide to sell FSBO every year, but very few actually succeed. These secrets will help you do just that.

Marketing Approaches

This book features top-notch marketing techniques to get the most buyers in your door and the highest possible sale price for your listing.

How Agents Help

Most FSBOs sell on their own to avoid paying an agent’s commission, but there are lots of other expenses and fees to consider when you don’t use an agent.

About Merribeth Burns

Born and raised in Indiana, I was fortunate to have phenomenal parents, as my role models.  My mother, Ruth Alyea Hall believed in the importance of education and living a balanced, enriched life. My mother saw to it that I experienced all these things.  I was involved in 4-H, Girl Scouts, Travel,  Art, Music, Dance, and Church. She encouraged me to obtain my Bachelor degree from Franklin College. My father, McCoy Hall was self-employed and epitomized the entrepreneurial spirit with a passion. He was a  “Go-Getter”,  the “Deal Maker” and never met a stranger.  I am very much my father’s daughter when it comes to business.  I also credit my parents with instilling in me, the importance of owning one’s residence, and the positive impact of passive income.  Owning property gave my parents financial peace of mind. Given my background, it’s no wonder Real Estate is my chosen career path.  My parents have passed away, however, I carry their legacy on in the way I live my life and handle my business. I am forever grateful to them for all they taught me, and honored to be their daughter. I currently reside in Danville, Indiana with my loving husband. We enjoy cycling, hiking, and “Glamping” in the 5th Wheel with our dogs.  I am blessed, as I truly love my life.

This is what I Bring to the Table:

1. My Drive, My Determination and My Passion to make it happen. I had clients in need of a large home, with a large yard, in a particular school district.  Nothing was available on the market, that would accommodate their family, in their price range.  I began calling on expired listings; I went back 4 years. Within 1 week, I located a couple who were thinking of selling. The Sellers were a taken aback, as they had just begun talking about putting their home on the market. They were excited about the prospect of selling so quickly, and were on board.  Everything fell into place. It was definitely one of those “meant to be” situations. The Buyers were thrilled as well.  It was a win-win situation.

2. The Right Side of My Brain.  Let me explain!  I am left handed, so I utilize the right side of my brain, the creative side, to solve problems.  I am adept at thinking “outside of the box” and can usually resolve an issue that others can not. And, if that doesn’t work, then I can usually find an expert who does have the answer.

3. Street Smarts. Through my 30+ years of real estate experience, and my extensive study of our market, I have discovered 7 things that cause homes to sell for more money – than similar homes.  And, I can use these 7 things to help you sell your home for more money. Are you looking to buy a home? Even in a hot market, I can help you find the home of your dreams. How? I use a predictive find off market properties...usually with no competition.

4. Certified Negotiations Expert. Through The Real Estate Negotiations Institute, I have been trained to protect my client’s interests by strategically using assertive and cooperative negotiating techniques to obtain a positive, ethical outcome.

5. First Class Marketing of your Property.  I guarantee I will work hard to for you. I have identified 7 things that cause homes to sell for more money. I will use all 7 of these things to ensure that your home sells for the most money possible.

Bottom Line:  I am here to help YOU!  Please let me know how I can be of help

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